An angel appeared to me in a dream tonight,
I looked at him and saw that he was laughing.
Are you laughing at me? I asked in surprise.
No, I'm always in a good mood.
I chatted with him in a strange way,
because he reported on a very long journey.
He traveled through dreams, night after night,
he is the angel who guarded the lovers!
I was in love so many times before,
why did you get here not earlier?
I'm not the angel of solitude
and I do not like to see sorrow and suffering.
I hope so very happy to see you
and now I can finally stand before you.
Your heart is now free of all pain,
because you are loved with all my heart!
Loved by someone who thinks only of you,
He gave you his heart with joy.
He thinks of you day and night
and I am the angel who guarded all that!

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